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The Wheel of the Year                Mentorship

works with the energies of the Sabbats, engaging with grounded relevant practices to reweave artforms of connection; strengthening our relationship to self worth, allies, ancestors,the earth and the multiplicity of roles we hold throughout our lives. 

What I offer 

Through consistent one on one sessions, I offer space and guidance to help you reconnect with your power, your intuition, the craft of ritual and the magic of your personal artistry. 





Who this is for? 

I believe that everyone holds an array of Artforms. There are Artforms that are visible and Artforms that are unseen. Artforms culturally recognized and Artforms we have to hold deeply in our bones because they have been erased, unnamed, devalued or vilified. This work is open to those who want to strengthen their Artform(s), who are curious how their wild gifts can be fed by power centers of seasonal shifts

and how to work with change through those shifts in our personal and collective lives. 

For Artists who know their craft and Artists who are figuring out what their craft is. 



Sliding scale 95-155$ Payment is due day 3 days before session. Sessions are every  3-4 weeks.  I offer an alternate scale for teens, working class, LGBTQ2, BiPOC folks 65-125$ 

Process of Entry 


Read through the pathways that are available. Let them circulate through your systems and then schedule an Interview. What do you need to know about me as a mentor? What do you need to know about the path? What do you need to know about the container that the mentorship is held in? 

Send an email to with an introduction and we will schedule through Zoom. After the interview I ask that you take a pause, reflect, go into a deeper inquiry to see if this is the right container and right timing. 


"Maedea's series catapulted me into accessing my Power in the transformational way that I needed to step into the Self I knew was there waiting for me, coaxing me into Being. The container they cast is purely experiential, held with such care, tenderness, purpose, and vulnerability. MaeDea trusts and believes in all of our abilities, enabling us to trust in ourselves and each other. They are truly powerful, deep and loving, without pretense and exuding the expressive sensuality, focus and ferocity all of us  hold inside ourselves."

—  Zoe Hippel

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