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 Magical Mentorship

With Maedea ov Moon 

The wheel turns and the path opens. It is initiatory, rich and full of relationships who are singing you home.

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Through monthly one-on-one sessions, we will explore the energies of the Sabbats, working with embodied ritual practice. This path focuses on nurturing relationships with self-worth, ancestors, and the Earth.


This is a container for those who want to mend or expand their rituals, connect to threshold magic, and deepen into relationships with plant, spirit and mineral allies. 

Available Imbolc to Imbolc: 2024/2025 


Golden Well Mentorship 

Year 2 

Golden Well offers a nurturing space to expand your capacities and cultivate profound connections with the guardians, guides, allies, and ancestral spirits that are woven into your personal healing and restoration. 

As we move through the changing seasons, we'll delve into embodied ritual practice, tending to change and transformation. By learning from the wisdom of reciprocity and embracing gratitude practices, the Golden Well cultivates a profound sense of belonging within the intricate roles we embody throughout the year's cycle.

Available: Imbolc to Imbolc 2024/2025 

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May's offerrings_edited.jpg

Before scheduling an interview, please hold these questions:


What are your intentions for this container?

What do you need to know about me as a mentor?

What do you need to know about the path?

What do you need to know about the container that the mentorship is held in?



Sliding scale 95-155$. I offer an alternate scale for teens, working class, LGBTQ2, BiPOC folks 75-125$.

Sessions are every 3-4 weeks. 

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