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Upcoming Classes 

Collective Magic 

This three month, in person course, calls in collective care practices and community ritual skills to create a container that weaves magic and transformation in a group setting. 


Skills taught

Ritual Preparation and Planning 

Tending and Ta 

Flocking and Supporting the energy 

Trance work; holding trance and tending to the energy of trance 


The power of sacred drama within a ritual context

Working with voice and song in a collective setting 

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana 

When: December 2022 - Febuary 2023 

Cost: Sliding Scale 315-400

This course is open to folks who have either gone through the wheel of the year or taken the Claiming the witch course. 



A six week online course working in ritual setting with Horned consiousness to rewevae connectivity and 

Pattern recognition 

Re-iniate the we feeling 

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