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Pathways through the wheel of the year 

The wheel turns and the path opens. It is initiatory, rich and full of relationships who are singing you home.

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Intuitive Readings 

Intuitive readings can be helpful to receive Insight on a challenging relationship, working through life transitions, creating practices and rituals that replenish your mind, body and spirit.  I work with specific guides to call in a container and communicate with those guides that came here to Earth with you and have your best interest at heart. My guides are serpents, honey and clay. Serpents guide me in the above and below perspective. Honey is the core of the container and clay is the wisdom keeper of the circle. I receive information through words, visions, sounds, emotions and scent. Each session starts by a grounding and will open to about 5 - 10 min debrief of what brought you to the reading. I work in person and over the phone. 


60 min in person or phone reading 60 -100$


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Ancestral Remediation Sessions

Ancestral remediation is a practice of building trust with your spiritual team that supports and informs you in the ancestral realms. Ancestors who know the work you came here to do.  Ancestors who have perspective on healing systemic oppression, personal and collective trauma, undoing patterns that harm humanity. It is these ancestors that call you, to return to collective remembrance. Each session is one hour, a guided journey through ancestral realms bringing back information, rituals and somatic memory, to build a personal practice specific to your lineage of ancestors. This work is ongoing, slow building, and requires a commitment to transformation.

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May's offerrings_edited.jpg

The Well and the Cave accesses trance technologies to connect us with personal and ancestral healing. This path is for folks who want to strengthen their communication skills with the unseen world, expand their intuitive compass and broaden their skill set of embodied presence in otherworld craft. 


This path holds initiatory conversation and journey work as access points to deepen, learn and expand into ritual spaceholding. 


In well resourced and nutritive ways, we will work with ancestors and allies to engage with threshold energy that empowers our craft, weaves connections and invokes healing through pattern working.


Cost: Sliding scale 95-155$ I offer an alternate scale for teens, single parents, working class, LGBTQ2, BiPOC folks 65-125$ 

Pathway opens on Samhain ++Interviews begin Fall Equinox

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