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     Nhktar is an interdisciplinary collaboration between MaeDea Ov Moon and Sam Hollier. Nhktar layers loops of cello, voice, piano and midi instruments to generate an evolving mapping of experimental choral arrangements, orchestral composition, and interactive performance. Their art adovcates for for trauma recovery, for embodied presence of deep care and connection, for the unweaving of internal and external systems of oppressions. 

They have recently begun to weave these elements into visual storytelling. Their current project “Cailleach" is an integrative-arts piece featuring film, poetry, and experimental sound composition. Cailleach explores bone woman myths of Brigit through devotional practices, and ancestral remediation.

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Photography: Aaron Richmond -Havel 

Nhktar draws from countless streams of support synthesizing these

inspirations within our own experiences.  "We hold the truth that

every artist, every person is a crossroads of ideas, a series of imprints.

Moving through billions of patterns that seep into our consciousness. 

We recognize those influences as points of growth, change and

challenge.  We look to widen perspectives, to examine personal &

collective pathways towards liberation, to cradle sweetness, joy,

sensual trust, personal truths, and to weatherproof against the near

constant onslaught of reductive ideas:

of who one can be/of what one can believe/of how one can

experience life and it’s multitude of hues."

-Sam Hollier + MaeDea Ov Moon 

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