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To the Womxn

who kissed my mouth, my cheek, womxn who held my feet when I lost my body, Womxn who cradled me when I was cracked open in grief, Womxn who danced with me arms encircled around my waist, Womxn who sang in the kitchen stirring the soup to feed all the people, Womxn who tended to my baby, who nursed him when I was out late playing music, Womxn who built the houses that we all lived in, womxn who drew the sledgehammer up and broke the ground for the foundations, Womxn who screamed with me, who tore their hair out, who tore at their eyes when our sisters were murdered. Womxn who sang the death songs with me for our people when they passed on, always early deaths, Womxn who taught me pleasure, and held space for the trauma.

Womxn who weave the world changing spells, Womxn who meet me in the crossroads, womxn who share their medicine. who know their wombs. Womxn who slept next to me when we lived on the streets keeping our bodies warm. Womxn who never gave up on themselves. Womxn who kept shifting into new womxn.

Womxn who bear the ancient track marks under the new gleaming skin of transformation. Womxn who had their needs met in the dumpsters, in the trash cans. Womxn who flew signs by the roadside and shared everything they had with everyone around them. Womxn who walked under trees and learned new things about the world. Womxn who whispered their birth stories in my ear. Womxn who combed my hair, held my hands and sang beautiful songs that braided into me. Womxn who rode the trains, womxn who know the edge, womxn who covered themselves with their menstrual blood so no one would fuck with them. Womxn these pearls, this deep dreaming place, this respite. for those of you- hoarse and chipped, bones clenched, blood thinned, I hold these pearls, to sip from , to drink in, to relive the moments. to hold the wellness, the moments of golden, and I sing to your many shapes, into your breasts, your hips, your sex, your cocks, your legs like tree trunks, your strength, your intelligence, your muscles, your dna. I sing into your body wisdom, your emotional well being, your caves growing full with all of the new birth as the old world dies away.

soft power

Soft power

Soft Power

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