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Singing, chanting and toning are the veins of the oldest ritual technologies. These memories live in the blood. Serpentine is in practice with Honoring the old calendars by singing the wheel of the year and calling in alignment with the rhythms of the earth. Opening and connecting gates to wavering worlds, promoting healing between humans and other beings. Addressing trauma and sexual assault through the embodied voice.  Releasing trauma through sound and song. Midwifing fear, shame and guilt through songs. Restoring connection between the sensual body and the sensual land.  Ritual lamentation and Leading community into public expression of sorrow and release.  

In May 2021 Serpentine collaborated on a performance following an artist residency where they created a visual representation of their work and went into soft space learning a new and complicated song. They are looking towards 2022 for a future tour in Ireland. 


Serpentine is a queer vision femme choir based out of Bulbancha/ New Orleans. They weave their voices through original songs composed by MaeDea Ov Moon, who brought the group together in 2016 after graduating Blue Iris Mystery School.

Serpentine is rooted in connective practices and a commitment to creating new pathways of care through the power of songs. Serpentine collaborates as a group to create spaces of transformation and healing.

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