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A collection of veils + headdresses                      


Hand stitched + sculpted with poppy, rose, shells, cottonwood branches, bark, beads and gold leaf Dresden paper technique. 

I work with costuming as a way of creating temple space on the skin. To enliven the atmosphere and to move towards true reflections of our spirit and the intimacy of otherworlds. I am available for custom orders November through January. 

Sacred Heart
Queen Meḋḃ
Bean Sidhe
Queen Meḋḃ

I began designing my own clothes as a young one drawing paper outfits and then painting them on my body.  When I lived on the street, I sewed everything together with dental floss. I learned how to create jewlery with scrapped copper wire from Nyssa Lyon and that moved my hands from the bottle to creating. I began to wear only clothing that I made, from tanning hides to dumpstering filson fabric. That practice eased from life but craft never eased from my hands. I am always engaged with new ways to shape realities. By weaving, sewing, beading, spinning, kneading, and my current engagement: embroidery. 

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