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MaeDea is a transdisciplinary artist based out of New Orleans. They compose and lead multiple projects, including Nhktar, a duo layering, vocals, cello, piano and electronics; Painted Honey, a four person group of guitar, vocals, cello and violin; and Serpentine choir, a community arts practice that focuses on addressing collective and ecological trauma through song. They are a member of Murmurations community choir and Eos, a mardis gras procession collective.  Through collaboration with other musicians, visual artists, and dancers they have produced ten albums and infused their ritual performance practice into the musical and creative cultures of their communities.


Within music, art, and movement, MaeDea’s trauma-informed work weaves queer visions and erotic embodiment into forms of personal, collective, and ecological healing. A practicing Erotic Somatics worker, Grief and Death Doula; MaeDea intertwines plant work, music and ceremony to create ritual spaces of healing.


They have highlighted living installations within their new work of Film, This visual/ritual is leading them into exploring the practice of directing and editing video. Their current work is in process, a series of immersive ceremonial spaces that allow people to soften into the energetics of wildness. Living installations of story, soundscapes, sculpture and altars to engage with erotic consiousness of deer and stag mythology. 


As they have migrated vast physical geographies, their work has opened to vast inter-disciplinary landscapes. With a contemporary abolitionist lens, MaeDea ov Moon is continually investigating what it means to be an artist living on occupied land.

 Music Release

Experimental duo Nhktar captures an evocative range of

emotions with atmospheric, cinematic, spellcasting that resists conventions of genre.Their Album "Libations of Oceania"

is a journey through seen and unseen landscapes,

thoughtfully invoking sexual energy as a beacon for healing.


This album tends to the mysteries of sorrow while finding joy

and pleasure in the body, planting seeds in queered expressions of sensual wisdom. Their music is an altar, seducing the listener to

explore, expand, and broaden. With both range and scope,

Nhktar invokes ancient energies, sonically demonstrating the transformational reverberations that blooms from healing:

summer and winter; life and death.

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