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Silver Bough Edge School 

The wheel turns and the path opens. It is initiatory, rich and full of relationships who are singing you home.

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Through monthly, one on one sessions, we work with the energies of the Sabbats, engaging in grounded relevant practices to reweave artforms of connection; strengthening our relationship to self worth, allies, ancestors, the earth and the multiplicity of roles we hold throughout our lives

This work is open to those who want to mend or grow their ritual practice, strengthen connection to personal power and self worth. For folks who want to expand their relationships within the realm of spirit. For folks who are willing to partner with change and transformation. For folks who are curious how their wild gifts can be fed by power centers of seasonal shifts. For Artists who know their craft and Artists who are figuring out what their craft is.

For more information on Pathways available 2023-2024


Process of Entry

Read through the pathways that are available and allow them circulate through your systems, feeling into what path draws you the most vividly. Before scheduling an interview, please hold these questions:


What are your intentions for this container?

What do you need to know about me as a mentor?

What do you need to know about the path?

What do you need to know about the container that the mentorship is held in?

May's offerrings_edited.png

I hold myself as a neurodivergent artist, queer animist and ritualist infusing my life path with the energy of sex, death, art and queer liminal shapeshifting. Centered in anti-imperialist politic, I work with community and personal rituals to midwife transformation into our physical world. The mentorship container I hold hums with sacred paces, softness, slowness, joy, presence, clay, honey, serpents, moondew, and sensuality. Erotic wellness, grief honoring, death and somatic care practices are at the core of my alchemical processes. 




"Walking through the gate of the wheel of the year perhaps is an opportunity I wasn’t meant to miss… A year of richness and revelation. A year of tender tending, of rich encounters, of taking pulse through the changing tides, of directing energy within to enact change without. A year of dancing with myself in my many forms familiar and newly expressed, excavating the questions that were never mine to choose but are now mine to hold and transform. A rich inner landscape pulsing with images and opportunity brought out with offerings of hums and honey, cracked open and dripping a well so personal now exposed by Priestexx Power and personal will." 


-Grace Woodford 

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