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Silver Bough Edge School 

The wheel turns and the path opens. It is initiatory, rich and full of relationships who are singing you home.

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Tending the Thresholds is an online group container designed to strengthen artforms of ritual care practices

that are rooted in time and timelessness through the wheel of the year. The design of this container is to offer an expansive space where one can deepen into practice and ritually tend to the transitional thresholds that seasonal shifts and energies present to the living world. 


This container is influenced by animist, queer and feri forms of magic along with undefinable strands of magical influence that streams from the heart of the Earth into the blooming river of star and blood.



Practices we will be engaged with: 

  • Seasonal Altar building

  • Intuitive skills

  • Ancestor and Ally Relationship building

  • Magical embodiment

  • Ritual care both personal and collective

  • Strengthening Protection and boundaries

  • Grounding

  • Breathwork

  • Anchoring

  • Running energy

  • Trance techniques

  • Tending magic through seasonal change

  • Cauldron and energy centers within the body 


I offer this out of a deep desire to share what I hold & to also live in the work I want to sway with in the world.

It is my hope that this scale can meet people in my spheres. The course is sliding scale and holds a month to month option. 


Cost: 60$-95$ a month 

Or 360$-570$ for full payment 


To enroll: email 

include an introduction and a little bit about what is bringing you towards the container.




"Walking through the gate of the wheel of the year perhaps is an opportunity I wasn’t meant to miss… A year of richness and revelation. A year of tender tending, of rich encounters, of taking pulse through the changing tides, of directing energy within to enact change without. A year of dancing with myself in my many forms familiar and newly expressed, excavating the questions that were never mine to choose but are now mine to hold and transform. A rich inner landscape pulsing with images and opportunity brought out with offerings of hums and honey, cracked open and dripping a well so personal now exposed by Priestexx Power and personal will." 


-Grace Woodford 

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