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Pathways through the Wheel 

The wheel turns and the path opens. It is initiatory, rich and full of relationships who are singing you home.


Well + The Cave 

The Well and the Cave accesses trance technologies to connect us with personal and ancestral healing. This path is for folks who want to strengthen their communication skills with the unseen world, expand their intuitive compass and broaden their skill set of embodied presence in otherworld craft. 


This path holds initiatory conversation and journey work as access points to deepen, learn and expand into ritual spaceholding. 


In well resourced and nutritive ways, we will work with ancestors and allies to engage with threshold energy that empowers our craft, weaves connections and invokes healing through pattern working.

Bright Dark 

This is a path infused of the with Sex and Death practices. Through the dark half of the year we will xplore the underworld, building relationships with ancestors who are connected to the death threshold you tend. We will work with plant, grief and ritual lament practices, become familiar with your personal death and get clear on psychic protection. 

This pathway can teach techniques to cross over the recent dead, to recognize the untended deaths, the unhealed ancestors, the unquiet dead, and to gate ease and healing in situations that are yours to tend to. 


As the year arcs towards the bright half of the year, we will draw upon sensual and ecstatic states to gate change and pleasure through the relationships of the unseen, and more than human world. 

This path is for practitioners, People who a practice in place for themselves.


Pathway opens on Samhain

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